Harmony In Concert between East and West                          

The Tunisian Ensemble de la Musique Méditerranéenne and musicians of the Deutsche Akademische Philharmonie Hamburg
invite their audience on a journey of discovery through the classical musical repertoire of Tunisia. In their
selection of vocal and instrumental works one senses the fragrance of jasmine and of spring in Tunis. Exchange
and dialogue are especially important at a time of great change in the Arab countries.Music as a foundation for
building bridges between cultural, political and economic worlds plays a significant role in mutual understanding.
Be inspired by instrumental works, mouachachats and chansons, foundou, urban and rural folk songs.The repertoire
will be presented in a new, orchestral “notation” based on the techniques of western harmony and western
counterpoint without impinging on the distinctive modal and rhythmic features of Tunisian music.


Conducted by:
• Klaus-Peter Modest (Hamburg) • Kamel Ferjani (Tunis)

Management and Organisation:
• Gabriele Kamensky ( Hamburg) • Amor Boujemâa (Tunis)


In Kooperation mit dem Konsulat der Tunesischen Republik