Historiy of the "Ensemble de Musique Méditerranéenne"

The Ensemble de la Musique Méditerranéenne was formed in late 1991. Its first concert, “Iqaat/Rythmes”
was performed in March 1992 under the direction of conductor Kamel Ferjani. The orchestra is playing a
major role in vitalising the musical scene in Tunisia. It has given successful performances in Tunisia,
France (Marseilles), Amman, Córdoba, and in autumn 2011 in Greece. The concert is taking place in the context
of developing dialogue, exchange and cultural cooperation between the countries of Europe and the Mediterranean.
It's primary goal is to promote neighbourliness, solidarity, friendship and, most important of all, peace.


Historiy of the Orchestra "Deutsche Akademische Philharmonie"

To help preserve the pyramids of Meroe in Sudan, the Orchestra of the Deutsche Akademische Philharmonie
had it's first spectacular event in Hamburg February 2003. Many members of the orchestra also play in the
German Bundesjuristenorchester, a national orchestra of lawyers. The orchestra comprises sections of
around 60 strings, 15 woodwind, 10 brass, and percussion under the musical direction of conductor Klaus-Peter Modest.
In addition to charity concerts in Berlin and Hamburg they have completed successful concert tours in
Cyprus and Uzbekistan. An invitation from the German Embassy in Libya to play a concert in April 2011
had to be declined because of political events in that country. In 2012, the orchestra played in the
Al-Rabiah Oriental Spring Concert in Hamburg. In 2013, it travelled to China. The orchestra’s repertoire
includes the great works of the classical and romantic periods, and music” of the nineteenth century.